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Iveco buses, which are especially suitable for Latvian conditions, are looking for service partners

New development opportunities, creation of future plans and expansion of the network of service partners – that's how Aleksejs Lisenkovs, the sales manager of the official representative of Iveco buses in Latvia, SIA Alkom-Trans, describes the company's operations during the pandemic that has been difficult for the whole economy.

This Iveco bus, specially assembled for the needs of Daugavpils, is equipped with up to date convenient boarding solutions for every passenger, a medical kit and several video cameras. ©Publicitātes foto

"Last year, of course, there were many new challenges, we had to adapt to the situation, for example, all negotiations and meetings with suppliers and customers were mostly conducted online, and regular partner events and exhibitions didn't take place. However, we paid a lot of attention to making future plans in such areas as bus sales, minibus sales and attracting service partners. This will allow us to offer clients even more favorable conditions and successfully compete in the market in the future as well,” says A. Lisenkovs.

Rošero bodyworks - a quality solution at a good price

Alkom-Trans is justifiably proud to be able to offer Latvian customers medium-sized buses with bodyworks made by the Slovak manufacturer Rošero. "This partner makes high-quality bodyworks that meet all modern requirements, which we also buy at a much better price than what is offered by several other manufacturers," A. Lisenkovs describes the new partner.

The range of vehicle products has a maximum seating capacity of 12 to 36 seats, which is suitable for all types of specific modes of transport - both urban and tourist use, as well as all interior options to meet specific customer

The bodyworks of the Slovak manufacturer Rošero are of high quality and meets all modern requirements

Individual solutions for any needs

Iveco buses can be easily adapted to customer needs

A special feature of buses sold by Alkom-Trans is the ability to adapt to customer needs when completing orders, including individually tailored interiors for special vehicles such as school buses, military transport, police.

"We offer interior design not only in Latvia, but we will soon develop it in Lithuania, Estonia, Scandinavian countries, we are also looking at Eastern European countries, because there is a great supply for this service," emphasizes A. Lisenkovs, adding that a specially adapted interior can be created not only for Iveco buses, but also for buses from other manufacturers.

Emphasis on the service offer

The state police bus that was brought for service at the Alkom-Trans center in Riga

Alkom-Trans not only sells buses, but also provides bus and specialized equipment service and spare parts delivery to customers, which include, for example, SIA Rīgas ūdens and the State Police.

“We definitely want to expand the network of service partners, because by participating in tenders organized by state and local government institutions, we can prepare a particularly competitive offer, including service and repair opportunities on-site in the regions. It is interesting that in the service sector good cooperation has been established with neighboring countries, especially Lithuanian Iveco bus dealers - there is often a situation when it is closer to bring the necessary parts from Lithuania than from Riga, so we cooperate to provide the best service to the customer.”

The gigantic specialized unit of SIA Rīgas ūdens at Alkom-Trans service

In the future - ecological natural gas technologies

"The constant goal of the automotive manufacturer Iveco is to offer a combination of high performance and low operating costs, combined with environmentally sustainable technological solutions. This is a way to reduce the carbon emissions that is currently very important throughout Europe and the world,” emphasizes A. Lisenkovs.

Due to their high quality, economy and other advantages, Iveco buses are highly valued and popular in many European and Scandinavian countries, filling about 25% of the total bus market, for example, there are many buses of this brand in Luxembourg, while in Paris you can often see Iveco electric buses. "In Latvian conditions, where sharp temperature fluctuations are often observed, diesel engines are still the most suitable with a goal to use compressed gas in the future, but the possibility of introducing electric buses is not ruled out," describes A. Lisenkovs.

Alkom-Trans has been the official representative of Iveco Bus in Latvia since 2012 and specializes in the sale of large passenger buses and minibuses. The advantages of these buses are modern equipment, technical durability, low fuel consumption and attractive design. Alkom-Trans is a reliable partner for customers, as it provides full service - it provides the assembly of transport vehicles and creates individually tailored interiors, as well as ensures fast and high-quality warranty and post-warranty service for transport vehicles during operation.


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