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ALKOM-TRANS service – professional, modern and operative

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

ALKOM-TRANS service, which is the official representative of the IVECO BUS brand in Latvia, provides a professional, modern and operative service for any type of commercial transport vehicles: small minibuses, vans, dump trucks and large passenger vehicles – buses.

ALKOM-TRANS service, the most modern equipment is used for car diagnostics and repair. It includes commercial cargo and passenger transportation services of all the most popular brands in Latvia – KAMAZ, MAZ, MAN, DAF, Volvo, Mercedes, etc. The service provides the most advanced car diagnostics and repair options, for example, the equipment is used, which, when connected to the vehicle, its technical condition is fully visible, as well as the service offers a brake stand – for car brake diagnostics, etc. Due to this, the experienced service technicians provide very fast and accurate car diagnostics and repair.

The service includes a truck and bus wash.

Services are provided promptly. For example, if there are technical problems with IVECO BUS transport in any town of Latvia, the mobile service team goes there to rectify the existing problem on the spot as quickly as possible, and ensure that the vehicle can continue its journey.

The customers of ALKOM-TRANS service receive individual treatment, honest and predictable service and pricing policy. For each service, such as tire change and oil/filter change, a standardized execution time is provided, as well as pricing. Therefore, the customer already knows the exact cost of the service.

The location of the service is also very advantageous. It is located at a short distance from the city's main highways, for example, Tallinn highway and Klaipeda highway, as well as relatively close to the city's main strategic objects, such as the port.

Of course, during the period when an emergency situation has been declared in Latvia, the ALKOM-TRANS service provides customers with a two-meter distance between the customer and the service staff as required by Latvian law, as well as in the spacious premises of the service, employees – masters have the opportunity to work at a safe distance from other contact persons.


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