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The company “ALKOM-TRANS” specializes in the sale of transport vehicles (large passenger buses and minibuses). We are the official dealer of the transport vehicles of the Iveco Bus brand in Latvia.

The company's objective is to bring the transport vehicles of the Iveco Bus brand, so popular in Europe, to the Latvian market. We want them to be known as transport vehicles which are particularly advantageous for commercial purposes due to their modernity, technical durability, low fuel consumption and other advantages.

The company “ALKOM-TRANS” is a reliable cooperation partner for customers, because we provide a full service – we perform the assembly of transport vehicles and create an individually tailored interior, as well as ensure fast and high-quality warranty and post-warranty service for transport vehicles during operation.

We are convinced that in the near future the vehicles produced by Iveco Bus will occupy an important place in the Latvian market, serving as a reliable and economically advantageous transport vehicle for everyone who performs passenger transportation.

Important facts about “ALKOM-TRANS”

In 1992, the company "ALKOM-TRANS" was founded, which provides international road transport. Since its foundation, the company has been a member of the "Latvijas Auto" Association of Motor Carriers.

In 1998, "ALKOM-TRANS" becomes an official MAZ dealer in Latvia, carries out MAZ transport and special transport, provides warranty and post-warranty service, as well as the supply of spare parts.

In 2001, a 1500 m2 technical center was built and put into operation. It also carries out diagnostics and repairs of trucks and buses of other brands using the most modern technologies.

In 2000, "ALKOM-TRANS" begins cooperation with the Czech company ŠKODA ELECTRIC, provides warranty and post-warranty repair of ŠKODA vehicles.

In 2012, "ALKOM-TRANS" became the official dealer of the Iveco Bus brand in Latvia.

In 2018, "ALKOM-TRANS" carries out the development of individually customized GALAXY interior minibus interiors - for N1, N2, M1, M2, M3 category vehicles.

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