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The company “ALKOM-TRANS” is the dealer of large passenger buses and minibuses of the Iveco Bus brand, as well as the official dealer of this manufacturer in Latvia.

The transport vehicles manufactured by Iveco Bus are developed using modern technologies, as well as they are economical in operation – with high technical durability and low fuel consumption.

Due to these advantages, the vehicles manufactured by Iveco Bus are popular in many European countries. The benefits of this transport vehicle have been particularly valued using it for the carriage of commercial passengers. The vehicles developed by Iveco Bus cover a significant part of the European commercial vehicle market.

When purchasing the vehicles produced by Iveco Bus the manufacturer offers various advantages. For example, the set includes the diagnostic equipment for vehicles which allows the owner to diagnose technical problems and eliminate them. The manufacturer also provides various types of training for technical staff, such as how to carry out technical diagnostics of transport or economical driving (with low fuel consumption).



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